The Anna van Buerenplein

The LUC The Hague building at Anna van Buerenplein offers both academic and residential facilities next to The Hague Central Station and the Royal Library (view on map). The residential facilities include accomodation for the first and second year LUC students. During the first two years at LUC The Hague, it is mandatory for students to reside in the Anna van Buerenplein.

As an LUC student, you can either have your own kitchen facilities and bathroom or share it with another LUC student. In addition there is a common room on each floor where you can meet and hang out. Floors are mixed in gender, nationality and in first- and second-year students to create a stimulating exchange of views, and to contribute to the enhancement of the LUC community.

Washing facilities and bike storage are available on the ground floor. LUC oper­ates a Resident Assistants system in which more senior students live with the new students to introduce them to LUC life, and to be there as a mentor. The Anna van Buerenplein offers student housing for your first two years at LUC, after which you will need to find housing elsewhere.

LUC Studios

The top floors of the Anna van Buerenplein provide accommodation for first and second year LUC students. All rooms are fully furnished and curtained with their own facilities (kitchen and bathroom with toilet).

LUC Studio - Anna van Buerenplein (single room)

LUC Studio - Anna van Buerenplein (single room)

The apartments vary in surface (from 27 m² to 41 m²) and the rent price is adjusted accordingly. The rent prices include service costs and the furnishing package which all students rent from DUWO. Please note that these are indications and are subject to change.

The rent prices exclude a bed linen package (€ 50). The bed linen package is mandatory and consists of a pillow, duvet, duvet cover, pillow case and a sheet. The contract costs cover administration and cost € 150 euro. These costs need to be paid, together with the 500 euro housing deposit and first rent payments before signing the contract and picking up the keys.

The rent prices exclude municipal taxes. You can expect taxation from both The Hague municipality as well as the regional water company 'Hoogheemraadschap Delfland'.
(Please note that if your income is approximately at the same level as social security benefits and you do not have assets, you may be eligible for exemption from these taxes. Exemptions can be requested at the municipality of The Hague.)

An indication of the costs:

Municipal tax 2015            € 233,88*
Water tax 2015                 € 210,54*
* These prices are an indication and might increase next year.

At the Anna van Buerenplein there are different studio’s and studio types available. The majority of the rooms are single rooms. However, some rooms are shared by two LUC students. Below you can download a file with the different types. Please note that the majority of the rooms are type A or B and it is not possible to choose which type you will be allocated.

Single studio apartment
Surface                     27 m2– 30 m2
Rent per month         € 551 - € 565*

Shared studio apartment 
Surface                     36 m2– 41 m2          
Rent per month         € 333 - € 336*

* These prices are subject to change and might increase each year. Included are service costs and furnishings, excluding bed linen package, taxes and rent benefit. For more information on rent benefit please contact the Dutch Tax Authorities. Depending on your situation you can get up to €170 from the Dutch Tax Authorities to help pay your rent. This only applies to EU/EEA residents. 

Common room

In addition, to having a single or shared room each floor has its own common room that enables students to study, discuss and work on group assignments or simply socialise.

Additional facilities

The Anna van Buerenplein has its own secured bicycle storage area, washing machines and dryers located on the ground floor. The use of the washing machines and dryers are not included in the rent.


Furnishing package

In the rent price mentioned above the furnishing package is included. This inventory includes:

  • 1 bed, size 90x210 cm
  • 1 mattress
  • 1 flanell bed cover
  • 2 small tables
  • 1 large closet
  • 5 coat hangers
  • 1 hat rack
  • 1 desk
  • 1 desk chair
  • 2 arm chairs
  • curtains
  • 1 shower curtain
  • 1 desk lamp
  • 1 floor lamp
  • 1 hot plate (for two pots)
  • 1 fridge
  • 1 waste bin
  • 1 waste-paper basket
  • cleaning utensils


Paid parking is available for you at the Q-Park at the New Babylon hotel.


Students that have questions regarding the abovementioned are kindly requested to contact the Housing Office.


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Last Modified: 30-06-2016