Student Profile

Leiden University College The Hague aims to attract highly qualified, motivated and ambitious students from throughout the world, who have a genuine interest in global issues.


A typical LUC The Hague student:

  • is bright and talented

  • likes to work hard

  • enjoys being challenged

  • has broad interests

  • has an international orientation

  • has strong motivation to develop his/her talents

  • is genuinely concerned about the world surrounding him/her

  • is willing to take on responsibility

  • is committed to make a difference working on innovative, sustainable solutions for global challenges



Each year, LUC The Hague selects a maximum of 200 highly qualified students from a pool of applicants. At this moment around 600 students are enrolled at LUC The Hague from different nationalities all over the world.

Secondary education

A prospective LUC The Hague student has graduated from an International School or a United World College ('IB'), either in The Netherlands or abroad, or has a diploma from a bilingual secondary school (‘TTO’), a gymnasium school or a traditional pre-university secondary school (‘VWO’) in the Netherlands or abroad. For more information regarding which other diplomas are considered for admission to LUC The Hague, please view the following website.



Last Modified: 26-10-2015