About the Admission Interview

A personal interview is an essential part of the selection procedure at LUC The Hague. Applicants are invited for an interview based on their application package and can only be invited after all required information has been received.

The interview is in English and you will speak to one of the LUC The Hague academic staff. An interview lasts no longer than 30 minutes and is either conducted at LUC or via Skype. It is important that you have access to the internet, a computer and a working webcam if you are going to be interviewed via Skype.

The aim of the interview is to get to know you better and to understand what your motivation is to study at LUC The Hague. We will also try to find out what your expectations are and check if these meet the expectations we have for our students. You may be asked some general academic questions pertaining to the content of the programme – you will not be expected to know the answers, but we will be interested to hear your thought processes.

Your Letter of Motivation and Curriculum Vitae will be used as starting points for the interview, so make sure you write them carefully and know them well. The interview is also a chance for you to ask any remaining questions you may have.

Interviews are mostly held during a certain period. Below you can find the details per intake which you need to take into account when you apply.

September 2016 intake


Application complete before




Decision before

1 January 2016



1 April 2016



How to prepare for your interview

We recommend that you:

  • think of answers to obvious questions that are often part of an interview. In particular, your motivation to study at LUC The Hague is something you can prepare in advance. Yet try not to come up with answers you think we want to hear. We would like to hear your own ideas, plans and visions. Be honest.

  • try to think of examples you can use to demonstrate your arguments and ideas: for example, how might you illustrate your leadership qualities or concern for others?

  • try to organise a practice interview with your English teacher, especially if you feel nervous about speaking in English.

  • dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable; you do not have to dress formally.

  • allow for enough time to come to LUC The Hague if your interview is at the college building.

  • make sure that you are online at least 15 minutes before the start time of your interview and that you have a working webcam if you are interviewed via Skype.



Last Modified: 07-12-2015