Capstone Project

The goal of the LUC Capstone is for students to complete an independent research project within the students major. The Capstone draws from each students unique curriculum and range of scholarly experiences encountered while at LUC. The Capstone (bachelor thesis) is a product of specialized research that serves to prepare LUC students for competitive graduate programs or employment in government or industry. The research and writing is overseen by a supervisor and a reader.

Students may develop an individual thesis topic or work on a larger project in small groups coordinated by their supervisor. If the latter approach is adapted each student is required to develop and produce a distinct thesis. The thesis is completed during a required Capstone course (10 ECTS) that all students enroll in during their final semester of residence at LUC. Bachelor theses at LUC are theoretically or conceptually motivated and exhibit high levels of creativity, rigorous enquiry, and professional production.

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Last Modified: 17-10-2012