Introduction to LUC Majors

Leiden University College's Majors are all based on our Global Challenges theme. We offer you a broad, flexible and interdisciplinary curriculum, focused on enabling you to design your own study programme based on your personal interests and ambitions. Within a menu of choices, we offer you six Majors to choose from. Are you interested in:

  • International Justice and World Politics?
  • Diversity and Integration?
  • Global Public Health?
  • Environment Climate Change and Alternative Energy Strategies?
  • Decision-making Processes and Human Security?

If the answer is yes to one or more of the above, we have a Major for you at Leiden University College The Hague.

Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Science Majors

The Majors at LUC The Hague have been specially and carefully designed by teams of leading scholars to be innovative and cutting-edge. Without exception, they offer a combination of scholarly depth and creative breadth, enabling our students to go beyond the normal, disciplinary confines of a regular university programme. Because of the innovative and flexible programme structure at Leiden University College, you can choose a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science Major.



Because of the wide range of choices open to every student, all our students are assigned an expert and experienced tutor to advise and guide them throughout their time at LUC The Hague. The tutors, under the responsibility of our Senior Tutor, help to ensure that your choices match your interests and future ambitions, and also meet the requirements of graduation. A key role for the tutors in helping students to assemble their Majors is to open the various doors to further study (MA/MSc) or employment to which specific Majors might lead.

Tutors can help in this way by guiding our students towards internships with international organisations or non-governmental organisations (NGOs) as part of their majors, towards periods of study abroad in specialist departments, towards advanced undergraduate research projects under the supervision of leading professors, or simply by providing information.


Last Modified: 08-09-2015