Science @ LUC

Earth, Energy and Sustainability (BSc)

Currently at 7 billion, the Earth’s population is on target to reach 8 billion by 2027. What are some of the key sustainability challenges confronting society at the moment, and in the future?

Global Public Health (BSc)

In the Global Public Health programme of Leiden University College you learn to make a difference in the health and well-being of populations.

Governance, Economics and Development (BSc)

From the wrenching poverty in the slums of Lagos, the projects of Chicago’s South Side, or the Parisian banlieues to the endless riches of Mayfair, Manhattan, and central Shanghai: anyone with a brain knows the world is an unequal place. What fewer people dwell on is the fact that much of this inequality is man-made: over time, different societies have been organized in different ways, and it seems that these differences in governance produce wildly divergent results in terms of the quality of people’s lives. The core challenge of this programme is to better understand this connection and identify the ways in which governance can be used to enhance - or impair - development and prosperity.