Global Citizenship

At Leiden University College we value Global Citizenship. The Global Citizenship component will offer you various options to develop your cross-cultural communication and reflection skills, and increase your appreciation of cultural and social diversity. This can be done by learning another language or participating in a community project. Both paths aim to increase the understanding of and communication with people from other cultures.

Within the Global Citizenship component we offer you two options:

Language Study

Studying languages at LUC The Hague is an intensive and immersive experience, with contact hours spanning a full semester and delivered by experts in language acquisition and cultural learning. LUC provides tuition in the following official languages of the United Nations:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Russian
  • Spanish

The English-speaking educational environment at LUC already promises fluency and proficiency in the remaining UN language, English. In addition, you can also choose Dutch as a foreign language.

Urban Studies & Community Project

Students quantifying the amount of plastics in the region’s coastal areas

Students quantifying the amount of plastics in the region’s coastal areas

Urban Studies
The Urban Studies course at LUC will introduce you to how scholars from varying disciplines study cities and ask you to think about these complex and captivating spaces both academically but also from a more personal perspective. The Hague will serve as a laboratory for observing and exploring many of the themes discussed in class. What makes a place urban is a fascinating question on its own, and one that we will discuss particularly as within urban spaces nothing is simple. This course will provide merely a sampling of the various ways in which we can approach the city as scholars and citizens by discussing topics urban history and theory, migration, public space, the environment and sustainability, rapid urbanization, urban politics and economics. 

Community Project
The Community Project will help you experience and appreciate how global challenges manifest themselves locally, right here in The Hague. By cultivating reciprocal partnerships with city government and community organisations, LUC creates service-learning opportunities that con­nect classroom knowledge to practical, hands-on experiences right here in The Hague, all the while developing your capacities in leadership, reciprocity, and intercultural sensitivity, and fostering the values of social justice and responsibility.

Examples of the Community Project are tutoring and classroom assistance at Johan de Witt College in The Hague’s Schildersbuurt neighbourhood, and an oral history project in the Mariahoeve neighborhood. The community project programme will build upon lessons learned in the Urban Studies course, and will demand written and small-group reflection exercises in addition to community service.

More on practicing engaged citizenship on our website Engage The Hague.

Last Modified: 24-04-2015