Peace & Justice

The Peace & Justice course examines the complexity of the interconnectedness of peace and jus­tice in a globalised world. The causes of conflict are examined in depth, as well as the changing nature of contemporary conflicts and international responses. This course examines how such conflicts have changed in terms of their goals, actors, methods of warfare, and financing. 

In this class you will:

  • Explore the origins of violence and its negation by conflict transformation;
  • Address the justice gap in achieving sustainable peace;
  • Review the legal instruments in the international political arena to achieve peace and justice;
  • Raise the ques¬≠tion of the appropriate use of force to resolve conflicts and human rights.

Peace & Justice looks at gross human rights violations, gender and ethnic discrimination, economic injustices, and environ­mental degradation, as well as a variety of judicial and non-judicial mechanisms implemented in or­der to redress mass violations of international rules. The course includes a number of case-studies to apply the key concepts.

Learning objectives

After finishing this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the practical and normative questions of peace and justice and the different disciplinary approaches to peace and justice;

  • Understand causes of war and contemporary conflicts;

  • Understand the concepts of peace and justice as processes embracing political, social, economic and psycho-social dimensions;

  • Apply analytically learned concepts and relevant literature in both review and argumentative essays;

  • Devise ideas, or credible proposals on how to create a more just and peaceful world.

Weekly themes

  1. Political philosophy of peace and justice

  2. Changing nature and causes of conflicts and the international response to them

  3. Transitional justice and the politics of reparations

  4. Origins of violence and conflict transformation

  5. Peace, justice, and economy

  6. Peace, justice, and environment

  7. Wrap-up session: Are peace and justice achievable and how?

  8. Reading week


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