Global Challenges

Global Challenges @ LUC The Hague

Leiden University College’s signature courses provide an overview of major global challenges during each block of your first year. The four courses are thematically focused and provide a window into each of our 6 Majors.

Peace & Justice

You will follow the Peace & Justice class in Block I. This course examines the complexity of the interconnectedness of peace and jus­tice in a globalised world. This course examines how conflicts have changed in terms of their goals, actors, methods of warfare, and financing.


The Sustainability course, taught in Block II, focuses on environmental change topics, such as eco­system functioning and energy usage, deforestation, land use change and much more.


The Diversity course, taught in Block IV, proposes to focus on 6 conventional markers of diversity, using them as lenses to investigate how they affect our ways of thinking, conceptualizing and understanding diversity today, in personal and social terms.


The Prosperity course in Block III introduces you to the ways in which institutions shape human welfare, and to how the ‘right’ institutions can be designed and reinforced. It provides you with the social scientific tools to think about and address the challenges of good governance, inter­national development and public health.