General Education: Global Challenges

The General Education component of your first-year programme consists of two courses: History of Philosophy and History of Science.

History of Philosophy

This course is an historical introduction to philosophical ideas from the Western tradition. The course will proceed from some of the earliest philosophical ideas in the ancient world and continue on to consider key developments in the medieval and modern periods. Key to any engagement with the Liberal Arts and Sciences is a reflection on how knowledge has been created, organised and legitimized throughout history and across the world. History of Philosophy considers how critical ideas have changes over time and through space.

More information on History of Philosophy is available in our e-prospectus.

History of Science

Science evidently plays a central role in the modern world. Every day we rely on science-based technology and the counsel of scientific experts on matters of public interest. Moreover, science informs our view of the world and of ourselves. To investigate how this situation came about, the present course covers over 2000 years of history of science and society. It provides a general overview of their complex interrelation, switching back and forth between often subtle and technical issues and major changes in worldviews, between the pondering minds of individual scientists and the cultural context in which they operated.

The History of Science course aims to give you a general picture of the different scientific worldviews throughout history and learns you how to reflect on the relation between science and culture.

More information on History of Science is available in our e-prospectus.

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