Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the Capstone Project.

What is a Capstone?

Capstone is an independent research project that you are to complete in the last semester of your study at LUC.

What is the difference between the supervisor and the reader?

The supervisor is your mentor.  She will advise you on topic selection, provide feedback on early drafts, proposal and grade your final Capstone. The reader is a second pair of eyes in grading your final Capstone and does not fulfill any mentor role in the process.

Am I responsible for selecting my supervisor?

Yes, you are responsible to find LUC faculty that would be willing to supervise your project based on how qualified the person is to help you with your specific topic and based on her availability. The earlier you approach potential supervisors, the higher chance you have to find your preferred supervisor.

Can a researcher outside of the LUC supervise my Capstone?

Yes, but the Capstone coordinator must approve your external supervisor before you submit your supervisor form your Capstone.

Am I responsible for selecting my reader?

No, the Capstone coordinator appoints the reader.

What if I fail my Proposal?

You receive a failing grade on your transcript for your Capstone.

What If I fail my Capstone?

You receive a failing grade on your transcript for your Capstone.

Can I rewrite my Capstone?

Yes, but a failing grade will remain on your transcript and your supervisor may not be available to guide you through the rewrite process.

Can I withdraw from the Capstone course?

Yes, but you must first write an official letter to the Board of Examiners (BoE) detailing extenuating circumstances and receive BoE approval.

Whom do I inform about extenuating circumstances?

You need to contact your supervisor about extenuating circumstances by email, citing well-documented extenuating circumstances.

Do I have to submit my nomination for the Thesis of Merit?

No. If you received A or A+ you will be automatically nominated for the Thesis of Merit.

How should I officially submit my Capstone?

You need to provide 3 copies:

1.      Upload a digital copy in Turnitin on Blackboard;

2.      Submit a bound hard copy to the Capstone administrator;

3.      Submit a bound hard copy to your Capstone supervisor.

I am on exchange this semester; do I still have to follow the same timeline for a Capstone?

Yes, all deadlines for the year you wish to graduate in equally apply to you.

I already have a supervisor; do I need to send in the supervisor form?

Yes, you need to submit official supervisor form to the Capstone administrator.

I did not finish my Capstone last year; do I need to submit a new supervisor form this year?

Yes, you need to re-enroll in the new Capstone course and resubmit the supervisor form. 

Can I write a Capstone outside my major?

No, your Capstone must be within your major.

Where can I find all the necessary forms for the Capstone:

All relevant forms are available on the Capstone Project page.

Where can I find all the relevant deadlines for the Capstone?

Most recent capstone deadlines are available on the Capstone Project page

Last Modified: 24-09-2015