Academic Skills and Literacy

Leiden University College has a well-developed and innovative strategy for the development of academic skills and literacy. This strategy reaches across the whole curriculum, ensuring that our students in all our majors are exposed to the necessary materials and are given the opportunity to explore things further. The Academic Skills courses are designed to provide you with the foundational academic skills required to be successful, articulate, numerate, and media savvy.

Academic Writing (5 EC)

Although a minimum level of fluency in English is one of the admission requirements, students still need to learn to apply the language at an academic level, both in constructing arguments and in articulating them in writing. Reading carefully, thinking precisely, arguing logically and writing clearly are all aims of this course, which is premised on writing in the disciplines.

The Academic Writing course is taught as a semester-long course that meets once per week. In addition to focusing on the structure of writing, Academic Writing is to in­clude several important complementary skills (presentation, library research, etc.). Specific elements of the course will also reappear in Major-specific, intensive writing courses in your second year at Leiden University College.

More on Academic Writing in our e-prospectus

Introduction to Statistics (5EC)

The ability to reason about quantities, and to evaluate posited relationships precisely and critically is essential for your studies at Leiden University College. Being able to constructively contribute to solutions for challenges facing the world today requires the skill to understand and critically evaluate results that draw heavily on statistics. The meaning of theoretical relationships that are expressed in quantitative terms must be well understood before any critical thinking can happen. This course aims to give you the foundations for doing just that.

More information on Introduction to Statistics in our e-prospectus

Mathematics Basic (5 EC) and Mathematics Intermediate (5 EC)

The first-year Mathematics courses are differentiated according to the requirements of the two types of bachelor degrees we offer at Leiden University College. These courses run parallel in the final block of the first year, to give you ample opportunity to decide on which type of degree you will be pursuing, whether Arts or Sciences.

Both of these courses aim to teach you to think and reason mathematically. Sometimes this will involve learning new techniques, but more often the task is learning how to apply techniques already learned at school to solve the type of ill-defined real-world reasoning challenges that are encountered in global dilemmas that threaten our planet, our peoples, and future generations. 

  • Mathematics Basic: the Bachlor of Arts course will provide a solid basis for quantitative reasoning and application of basic mathematical techniques in a range of contexts related to global challenges;
  • Mathematics Intermediate: The Bachelor of Science course will focus more on abstract analytical reasoning, and further development of technical skills, such as working with free parameters, and the calculus.
More information in our e-prospectus on Mathematics Basic and Mathematics Intermediate

Math Proficiency

Please note: If you did not attain suf­ficient math proficiency at high school level you will be required to take an intensive two week remedial math course (0 EC). The course will be offered in the two weeks before the start of block III (last two weeks of January) and will help you prepare for the numeracy courses.

Last Modified: 24-04-2015