Programme Structure

The study programme at Leiden University College The Hague takes three years of two semesters each. Each of the six semesters consists of two blocks. LUC The Hague courses are typically 5 credits (EC) and are usually completed in one block of eight weeks. The estimated workload is 52 hours per week, including 12-14 contact hours.

Programme Components

The Liberal Arts & Sciences approach to learning is aimed at training you to deal with the complexity, diversity and change of present-day society. You will gain broad knowledge of the wider world, but also study one area of interest more deeply. Liberal Arts education also trains academic and citizenship skills. Within the framework provided by LUC, you will have the responsibility to compose your own individual programme. At LUC The Hague this approach to learning is reflected in the various components of the curriculum.

  1. Global Challenges
  2. General Education
  3. Academic Skills and Literacy 
  4. Majors
  5. Minors
  6. Global Citizenship

Programme Structure

Overview of the academic programme

Overview of the academic programme

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Year 1
In your first year at LUC The Hague you will lay the foundations for further study, not only at LUC, but for everything you will do later. The first-year programme comprises of nine compulsory courses that fall under the broad categories of Global Challenges, General Education, and Academic Skills and Literacy. In addition, you can choose three introductory elective courses.

Year 2
Specialisation happens in the Major. At the end of your first year as a LUC student you will choose one of the LUC The Hague Majors to study for the next two years, starting in Block I of your second year. You will follow eight Major related courses in your second year.

In your second year you will also focus on our Global Citizenship Component. The courses in the Global Citizenship component will offer you various options to develop your cross-cultural communication and reflection skills, and increase your appreciation of cultural and social diversity.

In your second semester you will start with a Minor or Elective in addition to your Major.

Year 3
In your third year at LUC you will continue with your Minor or Elective, follow the last courses of your Major and finish your studies with a Capstone: a bachelor thesis.

Semester Abroad

LUC also offers its students the exciting and challenging opportunity to gain experience of living and studying in another country as an integrated part of their academic programme. If you are in good academic standing you are invited to apply to partner institutions around the world, and would typically take up these opportunities at the beginning of year 3.  

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