Your first-year programme

In your first year at LUC The Hague you will lay the foundations for further study, not only at LUC, but for everything you will do later. The first-year programme comprises of nine compulsory courses that fall under the broad categories of Global Challenges, General Education, and Academic Skills and Literacy. In addition, you can choose three introductory elective courses.

First Year Overview

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Global Challenges (20 EC)

LUC’s signature courses provide an overview of major global challenges during each block of the first year. The four courses are thematically focused on Peace & Justice, Sustainability, Prosperity, and Diversity, and provide a window into each Major (you will choose your own Major at the end of your first year).

These Global Challenges courses will expand your perspective and introduce you to several fields of studies. You will discover through interdisciplinary co-operation how you can contribute in solving global challenges.

General Education (10 EC)

The General Education part of your studies consists of two courses:

History of Philosophy:
Key to any engagement with the liberal arts and sciences is a reflection on how knowledge has been created, organised and legitimized throughout history and across the world. History of Philosophy considers how critical ideas have changes over time and through space.

History of Science:
History of Science is the pursuit of truth through time. The course examines the major turning points in science, the big leaps forward, the paradigm changing advances which continue to awe and inspire. The course systematically examines how these discoveries occurred, their common denominators, and the continued relevance of these great innovations to the big challenges confronting modern society.

Academic Skills and Literacy (15 EC)

The Academic Skills courses are designed to provide you with foundational skills that will be further developed throughout the curriculum. You will take the following courses:

  • Academic Writing

  • Introduction to Statistics

  • Mathematics Basic or Mathematics Interrmediate

Electives (15 EC)

The first-year programme also allows you to enroll in three introductory elective courses in blocks II, III, and IV. These courses are an ideal opportunity for you to ex­plore other facets of LUC’s academic programme not represented in the compulsory part of your first years.

Read more about the programme structure after your first year here.

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