Message from the Dean: Enhancing the Academic Programme

Leiden University College The Hague offers BA and BSC degrees in Liberal Arts & Sciences that focus on issues of Peace, Justice and Sustainability. In keeping with the Liberal Arts and Sciences ethos, students have a high degree of freedom to compose their own individual programme. 

As Dean of LUC The Hague I am excited to inform you that the College Board has created an even more challenging yet coherent academic programme for prospective students by offering interdisciplinary majors in the field of world politics, international justice, governance, economics & international development, human diversity, sustainability, and global public health. Students will now also be able to choose minors concentrating on business and entrepreneurship, journalism, gender studies, and psychology.

The enhanced programme focusses on the Global Challenges ‘Peace & Justice’, ‘Sustainability’, ‘Diversity’ and ‘Prosperity’ that link to our new set of Majors:

The Global Citizenship component of our programme now also includes the opportunity to participate in a Community Project. The changes in our programme represent moderate to minor fine tuning of a programme that has proven to be successful over the last years. The enhanced programme provides our students with Majors that are focused on coherent global challenges; structured according to concrete disciplinary and thematic tracks; and dedicated to preparing students to enter competitive graduate programmes.

The new programme will be implemented at the start of the academic year 2014/2015 and we look forward to starting this new chapter of LUC The Hague together with the Class of 2017.

Prof. dr. Jos Schaeken
Dean, Leiden University College The Hague

Last Modified: 24-04-2015