Academic Programme

Message from the Dean: Enhancing the Academic Programme

As Dean of LUC The Hague I am excited to inform you that the College Board has created an even more challenging yet coherent academic programme for prospective students by offering interdisciplinary majors in the field of world politics, international justice, governance, economics & international development, human diversity, sustainability, and global public health.

Programme Structure

The Liberal Arts and Sciences approach to learning is aimed at preparing students for the complexity, diversity and continuous change of present-day society. You will gain broad knowledge of the wider world, but also study one area of interest more deeply. Liberal Arts education also trains academic and citizenship skills. Within the framework provided by LUC, you will have the responsibility to compose your own individual programme.

Your first-year programme

In your first year at LUC The Hague you will lay the foundations for further study, not only at LUC, but for everything you will do later. The first-year programme comprises of nine compulsory courses that fall under the broad categories of Global Challenges, General Education, and Academic Skills and Literacy. In addition, you can choose three introductory elective courses.