Programme Council (Opleidingscommissie - OLC)

The Programme Council  is an independent legal advisory body consisting of ten members: five designated academic staff and five student representatives elected among the whole student community. The duties of the Programme Council are:

(a) to advise on the formulation and amendment of the Course and Examination Regulations of the programme (OER);

(b) to evaluate each year the implementation of the Course and Examination Regula­tions;

(c) to advise, on its own initiative or upon request, on any other matters concerning the teach­ing programme in its various components. The Programme Council sends its advice to the Programme Board (a, b, and c) and to the Faculty Council of the Faculty Campus The Hague (a, c) for inspection.

This means the PC offers advice on all matters related to teaching and education of LUC academic programme to the College authorities. As such, the PC is the primary forum for students to voice opinions and seek to participate and influence the quality of education at LUC.

Membership 2014/2015:

Dr. Daniela Vicherat Mattar (Chair)
Dr. Adam Buben                                            
Dr. Peter Houben                                           
Dr. Sarah Hinman
Dr. Maja Vodopivec                                        

Staff Students
Mr. Stan Mencke (Vice-Chair, 3rd year student)
Mr. Paul Hanke (2nd year student)
Mr. Oliver Antczak (2nd year student) 
Mr. Tuure-Eerik Niemi (1st year student)
Ms. Julianne Subia (1st year student)


Last Modified: 21-08-2015