Programme Board

The two Directors of Studies together with the Student Academic Representative constitute the Programme Board (Opleidingsbestuur), which meets at least twice a month.

The Programme Board is responsible for programmatic decision-making, for managing and integrating the BA and BSc programmes as outlined in the Course and Examination Regulations, for quality control in the programme, for making the annual teaching-plan, and for developing and maintaining relations with academic units external to LUC (within Leiden University and beyond) for the purpose of running the programme. Decisions made by the Programme Board need the compliance of the College Board (including the Dean) before they are sent to the Faculty Board of the Faculty Campus The Hague for further approval.

Programme Board 2014 - 2015

Dr. Paul Hudson, Director of Studies BSc & Senior Tutor (Chair)

Dr. Freya Baetens, Director of Studies BA & Director Research Centre

Mr. Bob van de Mortel, Student Academic Representative

Questions, concerns, and suggestions on the level of the programme should be directed to

Convenors 2014-2015

The Programme Board meets at least twice per semester with the conveners of the Majors, who are responsible for the development and coherence of the content of the Majors and for contributing to the strategic development of the LUC programme as a whole. The Programme Board also consults on a regular basis the conveners of the Minors and of the compulsory first-year courses . All conveners are part of the academic staff of LUC.


Dr. Thijs Bosker

Sustainability (Earth, Energy & Sustainability for Class of 2017)

Dr. David Ehrhardt

International Development (Governance, Economics, and Development for Class of 2017 – vice-convener)

Dr. Jessica Kiefte-de Jong

Global Public Health

Dr. Jay Hwang

World Politics

Dr. Brid Walsh

Global Justice (International Justice for Class of 2017)

Dr. Ann Wilson

Human Interaction (Human Diversity for Class of 2017); Political Arts (until 2015-16)

Dr. Brandon Zicha

Policy Science (Governance, Economics, and Development for Class of 2017)


Dr. Freya Baetens

Languages (including linguistics track)

Dr. Anar Ahmadov


Dr. Rogier Busser

Entrepreneurship (Business & Entrepreneurship as of 2015-16)

Mr. Aernout van Lynden


Dr. Daniela Vicherat Mattar

Gender Studies

Dr. Brandon Zicha

Economics (to be incorporated in Major Governance, Economics, and Development as of 2015-16)

First-year courses and Global Citizenship

Dr. David Ehrhardt

Global Challenges – Prosperity

Dr. Peter Houben

Global Challenges – Sustainability

Dr. Daniela Vicherat Mattar

Global Challenges – Diversity

Dr. Maja Vodopivec

Global Challenges – Peace & Justice

Dr. Paul Hudson

General Education – History of Science

Dr. Adam Buben

General Education – History of Philosophy

Dr. Patsy Haccou

Academic Skills – Mathematics / Statistics

To be announced

Academic Skills – Academic Writing

Dr. Sarah Hinman

Global Citizenship – Urban Studies

Dr. Ann Wilson

Global Citizenship – Community Project

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